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Our Private Event Space in Orlando

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Private Event Space

How many guests can the private event space accommodate?

Our private event space can accommodate up to 14 guests. Please contact us to confirm the number of guests who will be in attendance.

What amenities are included in the private event space rental?

Our private event space rental typically includes access to the space, tables, chairs, glassware, and often a dedicated server or bartender. Additional amenities may be available upon request. Please contact us if you have any special requests.

Is there a rental fee for the private event space?

Yes, there is a rental fee associated with booking the private event space in addition to the cost of service provided. The cost may vary based on the specific requirements of your event. Contact us for more details.

Can we decorate the private event space to fit our theme or preferences?

Yes, you can decorate the space to suit your event’s theme or preferences. Please check with our staff for any restrictions or guidelines regarding decorations.

Is there a minimum spending requirement for private events?

Some events may have a minimum spending requirement, which can vary depending on the number of guests and any other specific requirements you may have. Our staff can provide you with the details.

How do I book the private event space at your wine bar?

To book the private event space, contact us through our website or by calling (407) 794-2729. We will guide you through the booking process and answer any additional questions you may have.