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Wine Tasting from Our Wide Selection to Satisfy Your Curiosity

Expert-Recommended Wines and Wine Education to Expand Your Knowledge and Palate

Wine tasting at Curious Cork is meant to be an exploration. A bottle of high-end wine can cost thousands, which can deter some enthusiasts from fully exploring their options. However, by using the latest in wine extraction technology, we are able to offer guests access to these unparalleled vintages without uncorking the bottle. Want to try a specific vintage before you buy a bottle? Our sommeliers are here to assist you in your tasting journey.

In addition to sharing our knowledge, recommendations, and access to some of the best wines in the world, we make your wine-tasting experience seamless and satisfying using Enomatic®, the original wine-tasting and serving system. Founded and crafted in Italy, Enomatic® is a world leader in wine-serving technology. With 64 self-pour wine taps to choose from, exploring a wide variety at your own pace is easy. Just make a selection, pick the size of your pour, and start experiencing!